Vreemde Druif: specialty wines with special stories

Have you ever tasted a wine from Lebanon? Vreemde Druif (meaning something like the unusual grape), is an online shop for anyone who likes to serve their guests a delicious wine that has something special. The wines are from lesser known wine districts, are made from  indigenous grapes, and come with incredible stories. The site truly unveils hidden treasures that ask to be discovered. Vreemde Druif examines and selects wines of the best quality from areas such as Lebanon, England, Canada, Hungary, and many more.

On www.vreemdedruif.nl you can order the wines and read about their origin, their story, the vineyard, the farmer, and much more. You’ll also find a taste description and advise about food and wine pairings that will help you to make the right choice.

Vreemde Druif frequently organizes wine tastings for anyone who is adventurous and eager to discover something new. Interested? Register now at www.vreemdedruif.nl