Proctor2Me: Is it really you?



Proctor2Me is a tool to facilitate online examination and specifically the elimination of fraud. Hundreds of universities offer a wide range of online courses, or MOOC’s, Massive Online Open Courses. Unfortunately, exams cannot be taken online, due to potential online fraud. Consequently, the great advantages of reaching thousands of students from anywhere and anytime are limited. Universities and other organizations that want to use online courses have to organize exams on physical places and at specific times.

Proctor2Me facilitates online examination and prevents fraud. Implementing visual, audio and biometric technology online fraud is reduced to a bare minimum, comparable to fraud levels in offline exams. Proctor2Me can also be used in any other form of examination. Proctor2Me opens up a potential market of hundreds of thousands who will be able to plug in online and do exams for the best courses available without having to appear physically on a certain time and place.
Making the world smaller creates opportunities for anyone, anywhere.