Sculpely: Market place for 3D printing

3D printing is getting more and more attention and becomes the next big thing. At least that is what the media tell us almost every day. Sculpely has identified that a mature 3D printing market needs a marketplace for 3D models. A market place where consumers can search for the 3D model they are looking for and can easily buy the model and have it printed and delivered. It is also the market place where designers can add their models and make sure they can be found by consumers. Karin Oenema and Eliza Helmond are creating this place at Sculpely is a market place with an overview of 3D printing shops, and a platform for 3D designs. It is the place where consumers, designers and 3D print shops meet!

Are you a 3D designer? Join the design contest at Do you want to buy a unique product? Take a look at for great gadgets, decorations and accessories, whatever that may be!

Consumers do not have the limitation of existing product lines. They can choose products that are unique. Do you want to be unique? Have a product made by a designer. On you can find all the newest gadgets, fashion and jewelry.

3D designing is hot and happening! Choose the 3D design that you like and print it yourself, or choose a 3D print shop where they print the design for you.