Bloomily: care with a heart

Bloomily supports self organizing networks caring for friends, family and others in need. Bloomily does so by giving the carers and helpers powerful tools to stay organized and coordinated, such as journals, calendars and easy to access to do lists. This all happens in an entirely safe, simple and friendly environment.

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Informal caregivers face the difficult task of helping people in need. Because of the retreating government their challenges will increase. People will be depending on help and care given by the ones that are close to them more and more. These caregivers, varying from family members, neighbours, friends or colleagues, need the right support to keep on going and stay strong. By adding modern technology and social aspects to this human problem, we truly believe we can help people help other people. Bloomily can give the support needed and bring people together. On the other hand Bloomily could grow to be an easy tool for professional caregivers as well, by giving them access to the calendar of their clients and making their work more efficient.

Bloomily would also like to bring a more fun side to the table by making it possible to share all sorts of media solely with your own network of caregivers, helpers, and loved ones. At Bloomily you can share pictures and stories on and about the ones you take care of. This way it can also be a tool to stay connected and keep in touch. Which is something that isn’t as obvious as we all think. Especially elderly people and people suffering from a chronic disease can easily get isolated due to loss of their daily contacts. Just imagine how nice it would be if Margaret, age 55, had a safe ‘family place’ where she could easily ask for help if needed, plan appointments with the doctor and at the same time stay connected with her niece Anne, age 25, who just moved to the other side of the world.

Bloomily puts caregivers, helpers and the ones in need first. We want to build a tool that helps them, supports them and enhances their quality of life and adds joy to all of them! Bloomily is easy and simple to use but at the same time has a friendly look and feel and has a way of making you feel right at home.