What is StartupPush GO

Perhaps you want to explore the possibility of becoming part of a startup, or you are looking for a job but cannot find one. Or you prefer to have your own company! If you are hungry and ambitious, StartupPush Go is something for you.

Invest three months in your future

StartupPush Go is not for startup teams, but for individual students and alumni. They get an intensive training of three weeks that prepares them to become members of a startup. We will create teams of three around new and scalable ideas: three individuals, coached by StartupPush. The ideas are high potential business concepts for products and services. The ideas are developed and validated with the business canvas model of Steve Blank. The teams have the task to transform the idea into a running business in three months. And of course we help you to succeed.



Become cofounder of a startup

If the teams are successful, meaning that the team can sell the service or product within three months, we will found a company. The shares are divided between the members of the team: each team member will get 25% of the shares. So even after the programme StartupPush stays on board to coach and help make the company fly.

Bottom line

Working closely together with the staff and coaches you will have good chance to be cofounder of a successful startup in three months.

For students and alumni

The programme StartupPush GO is open for students and alumni and is free of costs.
StartupPush provides you training, office space, web access and a solid idea.
Register and provide us with your motivation. Why do you want to become a member of a startup? What do you bring to the table that makes you an attractive partner in a startup? We will select the participants that can follow the startup training.
During the programme we will select the members that will be part of the different startup teams.

It is free

Did we mention it is free? Well it is! The whole programme is free for participants. At the end you will cofounder of a startup when successful and own 25% of the shares. So do not hesitate and register yourself for Startup Push Fast!

Motivation - Used for first selection