Dreaming of a job, or create the job of your dreams?


Looking for a job, but cannot find one? Afraid you will end up cleaning up other peoples mess? Or do you have the secret desire to work in a team and change the world? StartupPush Go Flight 1 has generated 4 dynamic startup teams that have created their own business. The now 10 members were selected from 17 candidates.

If you want to change your world, give it a try.

StartupPush Go starts again in September. Go is open for individuals. They can develop and earn their own startup in three months. StartupPush Go offers a range of promising ideas and selects the best students to form powerful teams to develop those ideas. The teams get an intense training of three weeks. They validate the idea and develop it to create a minimal viable product that customers really want to buy.


They learn to solve issues that come up in any startup by finding or creating flexible and practical solutions. If the team is successful in selling its own product, a company is founded and the members get their share in the company. Is it tough? Yes it is. Some of the candidates will fail and will not be selected to go on. Changing yourself is the most difficult thing in life. But: if you can change yourself, you can change the world as well. And now the best part: the program itself is free.

StartupPush is supported by the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Amsterdam.